As a certified teacher, Berwick uses interactive tools to help students understand each stage of the writing process through a series of self-paced essay writing courses. When completed, the course will not only boost scholars' academic performance, it will also equip them with the skill to be highly effective writers in today’s increasingly competitive professional and corporate job markets.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Describe the types of essays

  • Conduct research

  • Annotate texts

  • Plan and outline an essay

  • Formulate topic and thesis

  • Create an introduction paragraph

  • Create body paragraphs

  • Create a conclusion paragraph

  • Revise and edit

Meet Your Instructor

Poet | Writer | Educator | Motivational Speaker

Berwick Augustin

Mr. Augustin is a certified educator with over a decade of classroom teaching experience ranging from Elementary to High School. Outside of the classroom, Berwick served as a Reading coach and Assistant Principal. As the founder of Evoke180 Publishing, he has utilized the company to facilitate creative writing workshops throughout South Florida for the last twenty years. Mr. Augustin has self-published eight books and is poised to empower the community with an arsenal of literacy skills.

What People Are Saying About Me

"I had the honor to share the same workspace with Mr. Augustin, he’s very knowledgeable, experienced, and a writing guru! Thanks to his essay writing strategies, our FSA score jumped from a low C to a high B, a whopping 89 points growth!"

- Geneta Codner-Teacher

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Berwick Augustin, a highly effective and talented educator. Through spoken word, poetry, creative writing, and essay development Berwick demonstrates a keen sensitivity to the needs and demands of those he works with. I would recommend him as an expert in this field."

- Thomas Correll-Principal

“Being in Mr. Augustin’s classes was truly a great experience. You could clearly tell that writing is his true passion. Looking at how much I’ve grown as a student is clear that it couldn’t have happened without taking each of the writing courses he taught in middle school. Saying thank you can never equal the amount of appreciation that I have for Mr. Augustin."

-Harri-Anna Derolus- Former Student

"Mr. Augustin is a phenomenal educator! When we worked together in 2015, he consistently had the highest growth and proficiency rate across all subject areas at our school. He is incredibly skilled in making content applicable to student lives. He intentionally uses his skills as a poet to bring writing to life."

-Jesika Laster- Principal

"Mr. Augustin has the ability to inspire young scholars to engage in the writing process. Students who didn’t like to read or write were encouraged to write their personal journeys under his leadership."

- Jennifer O'Neal-Assistant Principal

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